Allergens/ Food Allergies

Pasta a casa handles all 14 legally recognised allergens. We have strict food safety measures & procedures in place, and take great care when preparing orders for our customers. However we are unable, due to the size of our premises, to guarantee that there will be no traces of an allergen in your order. If you have any concerns about an allergy, please contact us at info@pastaabz.com ahead of placing your order for further information. All of our dishes/products will have the appropriate sign next to it: (V) Vegetarian, (Vg) Vegan, (GF) Gluten free.

Is any of your pasta gluten free?

Our pasta is made from flour and eggs. We do use two separate rooms for the preparation of pasta and sauces, but we cannot guarantee a 100% gluten free product and that’s why we do not have any gluten free pasta options at the moment.

Where do you make your pasta and sauces?

Our pasta and sauces are made exclusively in Aberdeen, by our dedicated staff members. We prepare authentic dishes that delight our customers and we test new recipes every week. Our dishes are freshly made every day.